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Performance Management is crucial to helping your business grow and develop. It’s an ongoing process of partnership between an employee and their supervisor in order to optimize performance, encourage professional development, establish paths of communication and set well-defined goals that need to be met.

Implementing annual performance evaluations means making sure your employees do meaningful work and genuinely like their workplace. Performance reviews are the perfect way for managers and employees alike to evaluate productivity levels and get everyone on board with achieving the company’s goals.

Client Satisfaction Rate - 98%
Client Satisfaction Rate - 98%
Client Success Rate - 100%

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The most challenging part of conducting a performance evaluation is the investment of time. That’s why we created a tool that makes performance management as easy as candidate attraction and assessment. It’s called Talent Grader, and it’s totally free to our clients.

It’s a tool that enables you to simply evaluate an employee’s effectiveness and culture fit. Two factors that are key to assessing performance. If you need to make a more in-depth assessment, we also offer a more advanced tool that allows for customization and a more detailed look at an employee’s performance.

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Samuel B.
Samuel B.
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"My experience has been outstanding. In every aspect, I am provided with good service. If I have a question, it is answered promptly and thoroughly. I feel as though I have a ready consultant on my shoulder ready to assist and discuss with me any difficult choices that result from the results of the testing. They have this area nailed, and I am very satisfied and content with the system."
Rick O.
Rick O.
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"It helps us make solid hiring decisions. We have a minimum benchmark score for applicants. We can also consider areas of importance such as attention to detail, and whether the applicant is more suited to a customer facing role or a technical role."
Roger J.
Roger J.
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"Extremely thorough team that takes there time to learn about your company and your needs. The interview and screening process is meticulous and the testing results they provide truly help you decide on the best candidates. I HIGHLY recommend this firm!"
Gregory R.
Gregory R.
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"I like the ease of use of the software and the quick and easy set up they help you take care of. I like the quick turnaround times after that new potential hire takes assessment tests. I like the fact that you can talk to staff to get more input on the results of the tests. The entire staff at new hire talent is awesome to work with."

Client Questions

YES! The Hire Talent’s Applicant Tracking System has the ability to post tomultiple job boards at once!

You can use these preemployment assessments on anyone who can read English even if English is their second language. If you are not sure, the assessments will tell if the person can read well enough for a reliable result. At the end of this manual you will see a full list of common job titles and our recommendation of assessments and tests for each one.

We don’t allow to delete job posts, as we’re keeping all of your candidates housed inside of them.

However you can move job posts to “Archived.” This way, if you’re hiring for that position again, you can simply unarchive the job post and have all of your data retained there. You’ll also have all of the candidates that had applied in the past that you could potentially reach out to.

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