Frequently Asked Questions

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Most Frequently Asked

Q: Couldn’t upload the candidates resume

A1: Check to make sure the resume contains their First / Last names & email address as these are required fields.

A2: Check to make sure the candidate’s resume is under 8MB as that is the limit for Sovren to parse the resume so that it can be uploaded.


Q: Can we remove the demographics question at the beginning of the assessments?

A: No. These optional questions are in place to protect employers from legal action. They allow us to thoroughly prove that the assessments are unbiased and allow for equal opportunity in candidate consideration.

 Q: Do you need an account on any Current job boards to push to them?

A: For free, no. Paid options on boards would need to have an account to use. ZipRecruiter, Adzuna

Q: Can I delete candidates?

A: No, we don’t have a feature to delete candidates. This is for your protection because federal laws require employers to retain solicited applicant resumes for at least 1 year. 

 Q: Can I delete a job post?

A: Currently no. However you can move it to “Archived” and then if you’re ever hiring for that position again, you can simply unarchive the job post and have all of your data retained there. You’ll also have all of the candidates that had applied in the past that you could potentially reach out to.

Frequently Asked Email Questions

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