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Do you struggle with lengthy hiring times or poor performers? The Hire Talent offers the simplest solution for companies and recruiters to find top talent ahead of the competition! With our 40+ assessments predicting job success up to 90% and vast coaching resources, you can source and retain the best employees for your needs without wasting time or money!

Do you think your company has the most efficient hiring practices around? We can test that theory with a consultation! Contact us to schedule a call and see what we have done for over 1,000+ companies like yours! Our recruiting solution helps businesses improve their recruitment results up to 90% and avoid expensive hiring mistakes!

Make the Right Hire in Less Time, With Less Effort

Hiring the wrong employee can be costly and time-consuming, but with our resources, it doesn’t have to! Get our software and knowledge database to access a complete hiring system that eliminates guesswork from your talent acquisition strategies. Learn how to interview smarter and use hi-tech solutions to track, assess, and check your candidates efficiently to make the best hires!

Applicant Tracking System

Designed to streamline your hiring process, our Applicant Tracking System saves you time and money. You can customize its settings to work with your company size, industry preferences, and other needs, keeping a close eye on talented candidates all the time.

Automated Reference Checking

Technology and automation reign supreme and HR should keep up the pace. Our Automated Reference Checking system does plenty of our time-consuming work for us. By removing bias from the process and keeping things on the right track, you will prevent up to 10 times more hiring mistakes and hire talent only!

Pre-Employment Assessments Suite

Finding the perfect fit for your company in a pool of candidates is harder than ever before. Our suite of 40+ assessments predict job performance and highlight candidates’ skills, traits, and growth mindsets. Let us help you make the right decisions about the applicants having what it takes to achieve top results in a variety of positions!

Candidate Scorecards

Candidate Scorecards make the hiring process more objective and consistent. Designed by experts in psychology and recruiting, our easy-to-use solution helps you identify and assess the employment skills and organizational culture fit of potential candidates. A Candidate Scorecard to interview your candidates help you get down to the nitty gritty details that make all the difference between winning hires and bad ones.

We are a certified Continuing Education provider for:


Faster Hiring

When it comes to hiring, we know that speed and quality are of the essence. We have made our process for filling critical roles more efficient than ever before with a system designed exclusively for your needs which can reduce average recruiting time by up to 60 days and save you valuable resources in the long run!

Predictive Hiring

Do you want to increase your A-player hiring rate by up to 90%? Use our pre-employment assessment tests, automated reference checks, and standardized candidate scorecards.

Free 30 Day Hiring MasterClass

Hiring top talent should be a high priority for companies and recruiting agencies alike. That is where our Hiring MasterClass comes in handy. We help you master recruiting, human resources, or C-Suite so your company hires with up to 85% better success rates. All from our leading experts who have 20+ years of experience at top firms working directly with executives like you! Your your entire team will get 8 hours of professional development credits towards their HRCI & SHRM Accreditation.

Easy Integration across ALL JOB BOARDS

Hiring top talent should be a high priority for companies and recruiting agencies alike. That is where our Hiring MasterClass comes in handy. We help you master recruiting, human resources, or C-Suite so your company hires with up to 85% better success rates. All from our leading experts who have 20+ years of experience at top firms working directly with executives like you! Your your entire team will get 8 hours of professional development credits towards their HRCI & SHRM Accreditation.

Resources & Features

The Hire Talent Resources

The Hire Talent resources have determined the best practices in hiring, which come from years of experience and insight. The full suite offers all the necessary tools to execute them with excellence!

More Product Features

More product features, with unique integrations to help you stay on top of ever-changing hiring trends.


You don’t have to be a mad scientist and perform mysterious experiments to hire great talent. Join our 1,000+ satisfied customers and let the Complete Hiring System improve your hiring processes!

Companies with 200 + Employees* Get a Custom Offer!


The Full Recruiting Experience

If you’re looking to for world-class training in a world-class hiring system, we’ve got the perfect solution. We offer 30 days of free recruiting, candidate assessment, and interviewing Master Class to help your company create an effective system tailored to its talent needs!


You don’t have to take our word for it when we say we have the best and most complete hiring system! Check out what our clients have to say about our products and services!

Based on 67 reviews.
John M.
John M.
April 16, 2021.
Can't live without it! The tool is easy to use super intuitive. Best in class for the price, if I had to buy all these services separately it would cost me 5X what this tool costs. ☺Assessments are super accurate and the quality of our new hires is better than ever! ☹Not much of anything. It just made things easy.
Paul B.
Paul B.
April 16, 2021.
Perfect tool for hiring "A" level team emmbers ☺Great tool to manage the entire hiring process: recruiting, applicant tracking, assessments and automated referral verification. ☹Required us to change our process from ad hoc hiring to a systematic process.
Steven M.
Steven M.
April 15, 2021.
3 year user review ☺My recruiting service Dream Business Coaching recommended to me. ☹The reports do need some interpretation and I rely on my recruiter for that.
Ashlea W.
Ashlea W.
April 9, 2021.
Helpful ☺It is easy to use and clear to provide the information we need. ☹More options to customize for our needs and use only those parts that pertain to our agency.
Marcy C.
Marcy C.
April 7, 2021.
One-on-one Service ☺I really like the one-on-one meeting to review each candidate's responses. ☹I wish the notifications were easier to manage. Maybe we have roles set up incorrectly, but it seems every manager and administrator is notified of each result. I want to easily customize it for different candidates.
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
June 22, 2020.
Online test to assess ability to be detail-oriented Quickly helped me assess ability to be detailed oriented while hiring in a remote environment. ☺ Very thorough test that scored different areas of being detailed oriented. Easy to send to prospective employees. Easy to review each assessment. Great customer service. ☹No complaints about the tests. Very solid process.
Danielle H.
Danielle H.
June 19, 2020.
Great Value for the Price The Hire Talent assessment tools have helped us to determine the skill levels of our clerical/administrative candidates. It helps us to determine if their skills are where we need them to be before hiring them, which saves us time and cost in training those whose skill level may not be as strong as presented. The minimal cost for the assessment is nothing compared to the cost of hiring someone only to find out they are not as proficient as you had been lead to believe. ☺The customer service is very responsive and helpful. They helped us to find just the right pre-employment screening tools that we needed for our situation. The implementation was extremely fast and easy, and the price is perfect for an organization on a tight budget like we are. ☹I would like it if there was a link where I could see our billing information online. Additionally, I have noticed that some of the items being screened for could be up to the users interpretation. For example, in the proofreading assessment they are looking for some things to be capitalized that in some circumstances might not be. One specific example is that the words "call center" could be a specific location name needing to be capitalized or just a general place that do not. Because of this, I review each specific question missed when reviewing a candidate's results.
Alex E.
Alex E.
August 26, 2019.
Talent acquisition. ☺The software is adaptable to meet various talent recruitment needs and criteria in performing specific skill and aptitude assessments. ☹There's not much to not like about this software.


Join our over 1,000+ customers and harness the power of our hiring system! Revolutionize how you hire and improve recruiting results by up to 90%. Just check out our raving reviews on our new tool!

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